Georgia Law launches Corsair Law Society


Georgia Law publicly launched its Corsair Law Society in early 2016. This prestigious group seeks to foster and improve opportunities for law students who desire to practice in the areas of transactional law or corporate litigation in major financial markets across the country.

One of the goals of the Corsair Law Society is the formation of a support network for these top-performing students that includes alumni and alumnae nationwide who have excelled in business law careers, likeminded law students, and undergraduate and graduate business students. Through this network, informative discussions and special training will take place in the areas of mergers and acquisitions, basic accounting and finance principles, securities law and capital markets to expand society members’ understanding of complex corporate legal matters.

It is anticipated Corsair Law Society members will leverage Georgia Law’s national presence to secure employment in cities throughout the United States using their knowledge and skills in transactional law and corporate litigation. By maintaining their connection to Georgia Law, these graduates will also expand the Corsair Law Society network and the Georgia Law footprint nationwide.

Associate Dean Usha Rodrigues, Business Law and Ethics Program Instructor Carol Morgan, Alston Chair in Corporate Law Margaret V. Sachs and Hosch Associate Professor Mehrsa Baradaran currently serve as advisers to this new and exciting group at Georgia Law.