The Dean Rusk International Law Center plays an active role in the international arena by hosting conferences, colloquia and lectures that bring scholars, practitioners, government officials, business leaders, students and alumni together to discuss relevant international law and policy issues. Rusk Center conferences and lectures seek to increase the understanding of international law and policy decisions, as well as contribute to the solution of challenges of global significance.


Images from 2012


The Role of the World Court Today, Joan E. Donoghue, International Court of Justice, 4/3/2012

The End of Impunity: War Crimes Tribunals in the 21st Century, David Scheffer

Submissions from 2011


The First Annual Georgia Symposium of Law & Politics, Dean Rusk International Law Center

Submissions from 2010

America For Sale? Foreign Investments in the U.S., a German Perspective, Peter Huber, Martina Stegmeier, Mona P. Maerz, and Teri A. Simmons

A One Health Strategy for Global Health Security, Ali S. Khan

Submissions from 2009

Individual Rights in India : A Perspective from the Supreme Court, K.G. Balakrishnan


International Commercial Arbitration: Fifty Years After the New York Convention, Paul D. Carrington, Linda Silberman, Anne Marie Whitesell, Gabriel M. Wilner, George Bermann, Robert B. Davidson, William K. Slate III, Gary B. Born, Julian Davis Mortenson, Christopher M. Ryan, Maureen Weston, Brian White, C. Donald Johnson, and Peter B. Rutledge


International Law Career Symposium, Dean Rusk International Law Center

Morality in Armed Conflict: Dilemma of the Decision Maker in Operational Counterterrorism, Amos N. Guiora

The Conduct of Foreign Policy under the Obama Administration, Earle St. A. Scarlett and Barbara A.H. Scarlett

Submissions from 2008


The Report of the Secretaries of State: Bipartisan Advice to the Next Administration, Henry Kissinger, Madeleine Albright, Colin Powell, Warren Christopher, and James Baker

Submissions from 2006

International Trade Under the Rule of Law Conference, C. Donald Johnson, Amy S. Dwyer, Dencho Georgiev, Stephen Kho, Peter J. Spiro, Raj Bhala, Eduardo Perez Motta, William J. Davey, Kim Van der Borght, Nikolaos Zaimis, Gabriel M. Wilner, Charles Owen Verrill Jr., Marsha A. Echols, Donald M. McRae, and Daniel M. Bodansky

Submissions from 2005

The Limits of International Law Symposium, David Golove, Allen Buchanan, Peter Spiro, Kal Raustiala, Daniel M. Bodansky, Andrew Guzman, Jack Goldsmith, Eric Posner, Margaret McGuinness, and Philippe Sands


U.S. - China Trade: Opportunities and Challenges Conference, C. Donald Johnson, Chris Clark, Sam Zamarripa, Theodore Kassinger, Malcolm Riddell, H. Stephen Harris Jr., Che Pizhao, Wang Zhongnan, Wei Hu, Robert Cassidy, David Weller, Guanming Fang, Kenneth J. Roberts, Scott Rozelle, Michael F. D'Addabbo, Zhao Baoquing, Robert Shulstad, Brenda Jacobs, William Gillon, James Leonard, Max Cleland, Stephen M. Pinkos, Zhang Wie, Peter K. Yu, Paul Heald, Evan Medeiros, Li Genxin, Carol A. Kalinoski, and Gary Bertsch

Submissions from 2004

Agriculture and the WTO: Subsidies in the Cross Hairs Conference, David Frederickson, Bob Stallman, Jon Huenemann, William A. Gillon, David Palmeter, Kevin C. Kennedy, C. Donald Johnson, and Calvin M. Dooley


From Autocracy to Democracy: The Effort to Establish Market Democracies in Iraq and Afghanistan Conference, Eric K. Shinseki, Rosa E. Brooks, Scott Carlson, Howard J. Wiarda, Keith W. Crane, O. Lee Reed, and Travis Hall

Submissions from 2003

The Trans-Atlantic Relationship -- Aviation Policy: Clearing the Way to a More Open Market, Gabriel Wilner, Heidi Davison, Charles Hunnicutt, Timothy D. Meskill, David Shipley, Bart De Schutter, J. Otto Grunow, Lars-Olof Hollner, Russell Bailey, John Kiser, Pablo Mendes de Leon, John M. Moloney, David M. Jensen, Gerard Bekebrede, Louise Maillett, John Augustin, Paul Dempsey, Robert Donald, Paul C. Jasinski, Gerald Gordon, Frederik Sorensen, Catherine Erkelens, Peter Bluth, Robert Cohn, Pierre Klees, and Mario Diaz

Submissions from 2001


Brussels Seminar, Twenty-ninth Annual, Gabriel M. Wilner

Submissions from 2000


Brussels Seminar, Twenty-eighth Annual, Gabriel M. Wilner

Submissions from 1998


Brussels Seminar, Twenty-sixth Annual, Gabriel M. Wilner

Submissions from 1997


Brussels Seminar, Twenty-fifth Annual, Gabriel M. Wilner

Submissions from 1996


Brussels Seminar, Twenty-fourth Annual, Gabriel M. Wilner

Submissions from 1995

Joining Together, Standing Apart: National Identities after NAFTA, Robert Pastor, Alejandro Nadal, David Wirth, Louis Ortmayer, Leon Bendesky, Daniel Salee, Jill Norgren, Dorinda Dallmeyer, Allan Stewart, and Diana Ponce


Brussels Seminar, Twenty-third Annual, Gabriel M. Wilner

Submissions from 1994


Brussels Seminar, Twenty-second Annual, Gabriel M. Wilner