Presented as a part of the Georgia Conference of Media Organizations joint conference with the Southeastern Library Association in Athens, GA.


Infographics are on the rise as a communication medium in libraries. We live in a visual world; we are visual creatures, naturally drawn to graphical representations. Using free web applications, librarians and their support staff can now easily create beautiful and compelling infographics which can serve multiple purposes in the library environment. From community outreach and marketing of programs and collections to internal use as a presentation aid and everything in between, infographics can help us relay important information in an attractive way for little to no cost. This presentation will discuss the advantages of using infographics in the library setting, give good examples of library-specific infographics, provide best practice guidelines for infographic creation, and explore a slew of web applications you can use for free. Time permitting, the presentation will also include a brief real-time demonstration of how quick and easy (and fun) infographic creation can be using Piktochart.