This presentation was delivered at the American Association of Law Libraries annual meeting and conference in Washington D.C.


A baseline understanding of cognitive theory and educational psychology concepts is critical to successful student learning. With librarians in all settings providing more teaching and training than ever, designing educational experiences with these concepts in mind will result in greater retention and understanding for their patrons. This program will discuss five important ideas from cognitive learning science and give examples of how librarians and other information professionals can incorporate those theories into their instructional offerings. Participants will then work in groups to brainstorm ways various theories can be applied as they design or restructure their own instructional programs.


1) Attendees will be able to identify at least one learning theory that they can apply in their own training.

2) Attendees will be able to articulate the learning benefits of five distinct ideas from cognitive learning psychology, as well as why and how to apply those into legal research training.

3) Attendees will be able to design new educational experiences or restructure previous instructional offerings using concepts from educational psychology.