So, You Wanna Manage People?

This session was hosted by AALL's Professional Engagement, Growth, and Advancement Special Interest Section (PEGA-SIS) as part of their ongoing webinar offering live interview series "So, you wanna..."


Are you a newer or mid-career law librarian and thinking of moving into a managerial role? Are you currently managing people and looking for some new perspective on what you do? Do you think you might want to manage people eventually but aren’t sure if you have the right skill set? If so, then you should join us for our first installment of the “So, You Wanna...” Interview series – “So, You Wanna Manage People?”

In a 30-minute live and informal video conversation, we’ll ask Carol Watson, the Director of the University of Georgia Alexander Campbell King Law Library and manager extraordinaire about her current management style, how she learned how to manage effectively, and some pitfalls she navigated along the way. We hope that by hearing Carol recount her experiences in learning to be a manager you’ll learn a few things, understand management a little better, and maybe even see glimpses of your future manager-self.