Paths to Success: Recruiting the Next Generation of Law Librarians

This session was pre-recorded and made available virtually on Monday July 20, 2020 as part of the American Association of Law Libraries annual conference with the theme: "Unmasking Your Potential".


Have you felt like it is increasingly more difficult to fill open positions? How can interest, enthusiasm, and momentum for a career in law librarianship be nurtured? The AALL Law Librarianship as a Career Guidance Review Special Committee has been working over the past year to investigate the visibility and potential roadblocks to law librarianship as a career path, and has recently issued a thought-provoking report detailing their recommendations. This program will showcase successful instructional, outreach, and mentorship options in a variety of sectors that help advance collaborations and career awareness, build a successful pipeline of future law librarians, and ensure the sustainability of the profession.


  • Participants will identify key outcomes from the findings of the Law Librarianship as a Career Guidance Review Special Committee and factors which have contributed to these outcomes.
  • Participants will identify strategies for the development of relationships with industry partners who can promote and expand exposure to law librarianship as a career path.
  • Participants will identify opportunities and initiatives that can strengthen the law librarianship career pipeline through outreach, recruitment, mentorship, and education.