There are conflicting perceptions about the use of technology by lawyers. One view is that lawyers are traditional individuals who are slow to adopt cutting edge technology. The opposing view is that lawyers are technology leaders. I subscribe to the latter view. Lawyers were the first to fully utilize full-text databases. Lawyers were searching Lexis-Nexis during the late 70's and early 80's. Lawyers quickly adopted fax machines, e-mail and Internet services as soon as they were available. Consequently, I think lawyers are technology leaders. In order to remain technology leaders, we must be informed about the latest technology developments. The purpose of this segment of the CLE program is to gaze into the crystal ball and to offer some predictions for the future of technology. In a few simple words, the future of technology will be faster, smaller, more integrated and wireless. Will these predictions be accurate? Only time will tell.

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Beyond the Internet - What Technologies are on the Horizon? Powerpoint Presentation