With the current economic downtown, today's business environment is more competitive than ever. Businesses that distinguish themselves in any small way and provide cost-savings, can gain a significant advantage over their rivals. To emphasize the point, note that the ABA Techshow 2009 has a session titled: If You’re Not Serving Your Clients Online, Someone Else Will Be. It is, therefore, essential that attorneys harness technology and remain up-to-date on the latest computer developments . In this paper, I will begin by discussing technologies that are currently available on the web that will increase your abilities to collaborate, reduce your office overhead and provide you with a competitive edge. I will highlight current technology trends and predictions and include examples of new gadgets that illustrate these predictions. Finally, I will conclude with a list of frivolous gadgets that will hopefully make you smile, provide food for thought and excite you about the coming prospects of technology.

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