Applications for Content-Specific Taxonomy, Exposed Forms and Fieldbased Views in Higher Ed

Presented at DrupalCamp Atlanta at Kennesaw State University Conference Center on October 4, 2014.


This session will use two examples from UGA School of Law's website (“Course Offerings” and “Scholarship & Writing Opportunities”) to illustrate how taxonomy vocabularies, field-based views and exposed forms in blocks can simplify higher education web content, increase staff productivity, and make searching for content more user-friendly to site visitors. Step-by-step instructions will be outlined for re-creating each example in Drupal 7 including a list of required modules. Tips will be shared for identifying areas where you can apply this method on your own site as well as general ideas for generating buy-in from colleagues for making the case to switch to this method. Snapshots of before and after approaches to each example will also be provided to further illustrate the usefulness of content-specific taxonomies, field-based views and exposed forms in blocks.

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