Winning briefs from intramural moot court competitions.


Submissions from 2009

Best Brief, 2009 Intrastate Moot Court Competition, Aliya Charlery, Alison Lee, and Jonathan Parente

Submissions from 2008

Runner-up, Best Brief Award, 2008 First Amendment Moot Court Competition, Leslie B. Horne and Emily E. Shingler

Best Brief, 2008 Intrastate Moot Court Competition, Matthew A. Josephson, Titus T. Nichols, and Robert D. Thomas

Submissions from 2007


Best Brief, 2007 Intrastate Moot Court Competition, Tully T. Blalock, Cameron D. Hawkins, and David L. Pilson


Third Best Brief, 2007 ABA National Appellate Advocacy Competition, Shunta R. Harmon, Leslie B. Horne, and Rebecca M. Thornhill


Best Brief, 17th Annual National First Amendment Moot Court Competition, Bret Hobson and Lauren Mock

Submissions from 2006


2006 Talmadge Moot Court Competition Winning Brief, Tully Blalock and Emily Shingler