The Internet has expanded vastly in recent years, both in use and utility. It has become one of the most important means of distributors of information in our time. This increasing popularity has also led to "online fraud, theft, piracy, and infringement. The music industry is one of the branches that will experience upheaval in the next few years. The Internet might even change the way music is distributed. Experts believe that the Internet could alter the way music is distributed and undermine the physical distribution of sound recordings. Yet, on the other hand, the Internet could help unknown bands by promoting their music to the whole world easily and cheaply. The Internet has no labels that might refuse to publish the music; it is the listeners who determine whether the music will be popular. The recording industry states that without copyright protection they are not guaranteed compensation, which again will take away the incentive to make music. Another important aspect of the Internet is that it has worldwide coverage, which means that infringement of a copyright is an international problem. However, the international copyright system is based on international treaties that have set some minimum standards that the signatories should apply to their national laws, so their national laws are coordinated. Lately, many countries have shown a growing interest in harmonizing their copyright laws. One result of this increased interest is the TRIPS agreement.