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I never had Professor Dupre in class. In fact, I did not meet her
until the summer before my third year of law school. I was the
new Editor in Chief, and she had just been appointed as the
faculty advisor for the Georgia Law Review. Having heard about
Professor Dupre's classes, I was pretty sure I had walked into the
wrong office when I met the funny, cordial, and delightful woman
sitting behind the desk. This was the intimidating professor who
struck fear in the hearts of innumerable students? Impossible-
she was too nice. Professor Dupre and I continued to enjoy the
best of working relationships that year. She made clear to the
Executive Board that she trusted us to do a good job and gave us a
great deal of autonomy, while serving as a mentor and a sounding
board as we navigated through the process of publishing a top
notch law review. Working with her was a true delight, and I left
law school knowing she was a consummate professional and the
epitome of a class act. And, I hoped that a little of those
characteristics had rubbed off on all of us as we entered the
practice of law.
About three years after I graduated from law school, Anne and I
ran into one another after I moved back to Athens to work at a
local law firm. Our relationship quickly evolved from professor
and student to true friends. We met often for lunch, shared a
personal trainer, went shopping, talked sports, offered each other
book recommendations, and basically supported one another as
only true friends do. We, along with a law school classmate of
mine, also traveled to Europe together, having discovered a shared
love for travel and all things French. While she, deservedly, has
been repeatedly lauded for her professional and academic
achievements, Anne's compassion for others, inner drive, and love

for life taught her friends and family lessons from which we will
benefit for the rest of our lives.

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