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Twenty-five years ago, I was the editor-in-chief of the Georgia Law Review. That was a most unlikely place for me to be (that said, it ended up being one of the best learning experiences of my career). As a child, I had aspired to be a lawyer, but by the time I graduated from college I had decided to go to business school because the allure of Wall Street (read: dollars) proved too hard to resist. Instead of trading briefs, I traded bonds. Time prevents me from outlining the path that ultimately led me to law school, but two things bear noting: first, a precipitous drop in interest rates made the 1980s the decade of the bond trader, so one could be as dumb as a post and still be able to put a few dollars aside to follow a whim; and second, watching Brendan Sullivan put Senator Inouye in his place in 1987 was inspiring and reignited my childhood legal aspirations.

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