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Forensic evidence is widely used in criminal cases
across the country and is accorded great weight by
juries. But critics have begun to question its reliability.
Its use has contributed to numerous wrongful
convictions, and though some individuals have been
exonerated, many remain incarcerated for crimes they
did not commit.
This Note explores a variety of forensic science
disciplines and their associated problems, the recent
push for forensic reform, and the current standards
governing the admissibility of forensic evidence at the
federal level and in Georgia courts, highlighting the
lenient standard embodied in the Georgia Code and
elaborated upon in its case law. This Note ultimately
recommends that Georgia courts and the Georgia
General Assembly establish a new standard to govern
the admissibility of scientific evidence in criminal
cases—one that bolsters the gatekeeping function of trial
judges by allowing them to assess the limitations of
forensic science disciplines when making admissibility