"Yes, you can scan that textbook" UGA Panel

Prior to a group webinar viewing hosted virtually by UGA Libraries and Law Library via Zoom from Athens, GA, on March 17, 2020 librarians served as moderator and panelists to facilitate discussion among attendee's. This event preceded a main event organized and sponsored by the Association of South Eastern Research Libraries.


Moderated by UGA Law Library's Rachel Evans, Metadata Services Librarian, panelists included UGA Library’s Mariann Burright, Head of Scholarly Communication, Copyright, and Science Collections, and UGA Law Library’s Stephen Wolfson, Research and Copyright Services Librarian. Topics of discussion were centered around giving specific context for the University of Georgia librarians to serve as additional guidance and framework for the webinar that followed. Burright and Wolfson also shared their recently completed collaborative Copyright Policy document vetted by UGA's legal counsel and endorsed by UGA Libraries director and administration.