In 1964, the trustees of the Loridans Foundation established the John A. Sibley Lectures. These talks honor the leadership and public spirit of this 1911 University of Georgia School of Law graduate. It is hard to place the contributions of John Adams Sibley in any given decade, for his service to the law school and to the state of Georgia extended over a period of almost 80 years.

In addition to the photographs scrolling above, the law school and law library have a vast archival collection of Sibley Lecture historical photographs. The Sibley Lecture Photograph Archive was digitized in 2021 and made available in 2022 thanks to a subgranting program through the Digital Library of Georgia (DLG).


Lectures from 2023


American Democracy in Peril, J. Michael Luttig

Lectures from 2022


Civil Right Queen: Constance Baker Motley and the Struggle for Equality, Tomiko Brown- Nagin

Lectures from 2021


Who's Going to Law School? Trends in Law School Enrollment Since the Great Recession, Goodwin Liu

Lectures from 2020

The Case for Racism Response Funds: A Collective Response to Racist Acts, Monica Bell

Lectures from 2019

Are Supreme Court Decisions the Law of the Land?, David A. Strauss

Lectures from 2018

The Lessons of Lawyering: Why Ours is an Honorable Profession, Heather Gerken

What's Government Good For?: Fiscal Policy in an Age of Inequality, Edward D. Kleinbard

Lectures from 2016

Bringing Terrorists to Justice, Richard C. Tallman

The Accountants are Coming--Again!, David B. Wilkins

Lectures from 2014


Inexcusable Wrongs, John C.P. Goldberg


Anatomy of a Legal Decision, Janet Napolitano

Lectures from 2013


Social Justice Lawyering: Confronting Power, Racial and Economic Injustice and Hopelessness Within the Law, Bryan Stevenson

Toward a Jurisprudence of the Civil Rights Acts, Robin L. West

Lectures from 2012


The Role of the World Court Today, Joan E. Donoghue

Lectures from 2011

Death, Taxes and Systemic Risk: Dealing with the Inevitable, John C. Coffee Jr.

Lectures from 2010


Noah's Curse and Paul's Admonition: Civil Rights, Religious Liberty, Gay Equality, William Eskridge, Jr.

Lectures from 2009

Saving Lives, Saving from Death, Saving from Dying, Mark G. Kelman


When and How (If at All) Does Law Constrain Official Actions?, Frederick F. Schauer

Lectures from 2008


The Concept and the Rule of Law, Jeremy Waldron

Lectures from 2007

A Balanced View of American Power, Lee Hamilton

Lectures from 2006

There Is No Textualist Position: Why a Text Can Only Mean What Its Author Intends, Stanley Fish

Lectures from 2005

Labor Pains in America's New Birth of Freedom: How the Reconstruction Amendments Were Enacted, Akhil Reed Amar


Constitutional Norms in a State of Permanent Emergency, Sanford V. Levinson

Lectures from 2004

50th Anniversary of the U.S. Supreme Court’s Landmark Brown v. Topeka Board of Education Decision, Chester C. Davenport


A Tale of Two Cites: The Supreme Court and Georgia’s Recent Redistricting, Pamela S. Karlan

Lectures from 2003

100 Million Unneccesary Returns - A Fresh Start for the U.S. Tax System, Michael J. Graetz

Lectures from 2002

A Need for a New Kind of Lawyering, Carrie Menkel-Meadow


The Emerging Law of the Internet, Arthur Miller

Lectures from 2001

Lawyers as Prophets, Counsels, Neighbors, Thomas L. Shaffer

Lectures from 2000

Political Parties, the Constitution and Democratic Competition, Samuel Issacharoff

Desegregation of Public Higher Education in Georgia Revisited: Background, Court Cases and the Aftermath as Witnessed by a Major Participant, Horace Ward

Lectures from 1999


Internet Governance and the Open Source Software Movement, Lawrence Lessig

Lectures from 1998

The Sins of the Press, Anthony Lewis

Lectures from 1997

Strategies for Conservation: From Ancient Hunting to Global Warming, Carol Rose

Lectures from 1996

Crusades: The American Experience of Religious Freedom, John T. Noonan

The Expressive Function of Law, Cass Sunstein

Lectures from 1995

Rational Emotions and the Judicious Spectator, Martha Nussbaum

Lectures from 1994


International Human Rights at the End of the Twentieth Century, Louis Henkin

Lectures from 1993


Predators and Parasites: Emerging Anti-Lawyer Themes, Marc Galanter

Telling Stories in Law School (The Pedagogy of Legal Ethics) (Part 1), Stephen Gillers

Telling Stories in Law School (The Pedagogy of Legal Ethics) (Part 2), Stephen Gillers

Lectures from 1992


Individual Rights and Governmental Powers, Richard H. Fallon Jr.

Panel Discussion Part 1, Richard H. Fallon Jr. and Milner S. Ball

Panel Discussion Part 2, Richard H. Fallon Jr. and Milner S. Ball

Law and Intelligence: Thoughts on Its Past, Present and Future (Part 1), Elizabeth Rindskopf

Law and Intelligence: Thoughts on Its Past, Present and Future (Part 2), Elizabeth Rindskopf

Lectures from 1991


The Beginning and End of the Rise of American Tort Law, Gary T. Schwartz

Lectures from 1990


Cruzan & The Right to Die Symposium (Part 1), John A. Robertson and Yale Kamisar

Cruzan & The Right to Die Symposium (Part 2), John A. Robertson and Yale Kamisar

Cruzan & The Right to Die Symposium (Part 3), John A. Robertson and Yale Kamisar

Cruzan & The Right to Die Symposium (Part 4), John A. Robertson and Yale Kamisar

Cruzan & The Right to Die Symposium (Part 5), John A. Robertson and Yale Kamisar

Cruzan & The Right to Die Symposium (Part 6), John A. Robertson and Yale Kamisar

Lectures from 1989


The Death of the Legal Process Ideal: Constitutional Theory and Practice in a World Where Courts Are No Different From Legislatures, John Hart Ely

Reflections on the Constitution, Antonin Scalia


The Role of the Security Council in World Affairs, Crispin Tickell

Lectures from 1988


Sexuality and Law, Paul D. Carrington

The Problem of Surrogate Motherhood, John Kaplan

Lectures from 1987

Judicial Review and Judicial Restraint, James R. Browning

Between Brennan and Bork: The Role of the Court in Protecting Fundamental Rights, Guido M. Calabresi

Lectures from 1986

Some Observations on Professional Responsibility, Daniel M. Gribbon


The Congress, The Purse, The Purpose, and The Power, Abner J. Mikva

Lectures from 1985

The Media, the Law and Beyond, Zelman Cowen


Mass Torts and Litigious Disaster, Alvin B. Rubin

Lectures from 1984


Promise Benefit and Need: Ties that Bind Us to the Law, R. Kent Greenawalt


The Supreme Court's 1983 Term: Individual Rights, Freedom and the Statue of Liberty, Rex E. Lee

Lectures from 1983


The Power of Lawyers, John P. Heinz


Constitutional Law Theory and the State Courts, Hans A. Linde

Why the Courts Don't Work, Richard Neely

Lectures from 1982


Unique Activities of a President, Jimmy Carter


Arguing the Law: The Advocate's Duty and Opportunity, Geoffrey C. Hazard Jr.


Why Equality Matters, Kenneth L. Karst

Lectures from 1981


Remarks of Associate Justice Harry A. Blackmun at Dedication of Law Library Annex, Harry A. Blackmun


The Affimative Side of the First Amendment, Thomas I. Emerson


Inviting Judicial Activism: A 'Liberal' or 'Conservative' Technique, Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Lectures from 1980


Congressmen in Court: The New Plaintiffs, Carl McGowan


The New Age of Political Reform: Looking Back, Ralph K. Winter Jr.

Lectures from 1979

The Academy and the Court, Wade H. McCree Jr.

Lectures from 1978

The Decline of the Rehabilitative Ideal in American Criminal Justice, Francis A. Allen


The Right of Privacy, Richard A. Posner

Lectures from 1977


American Jurisprudence Through English Eyes: The Nightmare and the Noble Dream, H.L.A. Hart

Lectures from 1973


John A. Sibley Lecture, Earl Warren


An Activist Judge: Mea Maxima Culpa. Apologia Pro Vita Mea, Charles E. Wyzanski Jr.

Lectures from 1966


Jurisprudence for a Free Society, Myres S. McDougal